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What is GellyBall?

GellyBall is the revolutionary, lower-impact, shooting game for all ages! Our commercial-grade, battery-powered blasters launch hydrated gel orbs at targets or other players in a variety of game scenarios.

GellyBall ammo is 90% water, biodegradable and non-toxic containing no paint or stain. With zero cleanup required outdoors and very little indoors, it is the perfect experience for nearly any event, location and age.

We provide you with the equipment, ammo and an onsite host!

This game is great for ages 5 and up!  


$300.00 for up to 10 players at a time, for up to 2 hours of fun!

Equipment provided:

up to,

10 Inflatable Bunkers

5 Red Full Face Masks (Must be worn)

5 Blue Full Face Masks (Must be worn)

5 Red Fully Automatic Battery powered Gelly Blasters

5 Blue Fully Automatic Battery powered Gelly Blasters

15k to 20k of rounds

Need tables,chairs & canopies? We have those too!